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Dare2Dream Cd Single
Performed By Pamela Long
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If money were not an issue, what would be your purpose!
Where do I begin? This workshop will address how to begin developing a plan of action for life, including mentally, emotionally and financially. Nicole provides easy steps to manage the challenges people face in life overall. Attendees will learn how to prepare for life's unexpected events, thereby minimizing the financial obtacles.
The Ultimate Plan

A Financial Survival Guide for Life's Unexpected Events

CFP Nicole B. Simpson (Author)
144 pages - $11.99
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The Ultimate Plan is also available for purchase as an eBook download.
Welcome to the world of eBooks where instead of receiving a physical paper book in the mail, you would be given access to the eBook file for this complete book. Within minutes you can be reading this book on your computer, PDA, cellphone or a stand-alone eBook reader—at a reduced cost! eBook readers that can read these files include Sony Reader, Nook, Kindle 2, iPad, and iPhone 4. Click the "Order Online" button below to purchase this eBook download today!

$7.99 (digital download)
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Travel Itinerary
Ebook - $7.99

A Long Road Toward Recovery

September 11, 2001 changed the course of the United States of America forever. A decade later, has the country successfully rebounded? Is America on a journey toward recovery? Where are the survivors today? This book represents the emotional journey of people directly impacted by the tragedy of 9/11/01.
A Long Road Toward Recovery

CFP Nicole B.
Simpson (Author)
Ebook - $7.99
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The Ultimate Plan
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CD - $.99
Book Sound Track -
I Survive - Single
Ishmael Rouse
Genres: Hip Hop/Rap, Music, Soundtrack
Released: Sep 28, 2011
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