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The Domino Effect of Slavery In America

Is Slavery a Sin?

Does the impact of systematic racism hinder the overall growth and progress of minority cultures and communities? Is it possible to overcome the obstacles to achieve success? Dr. Nicole B. Simpson outlines the historical barriers and provides a model that equips minority communities to combat racism in the educational system and economically. She addresses the need to shift the conversation, revisit the past and identify the church and local community role in mapping out a plan for the future. Equality in the United States can only be realized when we tackle the economic disparity that still oppresses communities of color.

Dare 2 Dream

Pushing Past Your Stumbling Blocks to Achieve Your Destiny

n the midst of trauma, during the most trying season of your life, have you ever dreamed about what is possible, where you desire to be in life? Dare 2 Dream will take you on a journey that challenges you to focus your abstract thoughts and explore the possibility of your dreams becoming a reality. This presentation will help unlock the hidden, innermost secrets you've housed for years and move toward liberation of all dream-killing hindrances. You will be refreshed and renewed. Most importantly, you will be free to DARE 2 DREAM again! Dr. Nicole B. Simpson, CFP is a World Trade Center survivor who has dedicated her life addressing economic trauma in marginalized and oppressed communities, with a commitment to African American community specifically identifying the challenges presented by systemic racism and economic disparity. In 2020, Covid-19 has negatively and deterimentally impacted America. This seminar takes you on a journey from the beginning of the 21st century to present addressing the national trauma America has endured. She provides lessons designed to help others pursue their dreams. This will empower men and women who have suffered catastrophic and traumatic events recover spiritually, emotionally and economically. "If money were not an issue, what would be your life's purpose?" Today is the best day to dream again!

The Ultimate Plan

A Financial Survival Guide for Navigating Through Life

America is at a crossroads and perhaps a moment of reckoning. Dr. Nicole B. Simpson, CFP® learned firsthand as a result of the tragedy of September 11, 2001, the connection between a tragic experience and how it would impact a family financially if unable to maintain one's income. In other words, many people have experienced unexpected tragedy. The initial response is to determine how to best address that tragedy and the second question is undoubtedly a financial question. How can I tackle my issue financially? In 2020, The United States, when confronted with Covid-19, a devastating health pandemic without a cure in sight, did not address the health pandemic in a comparable manner as the rest of the world and because of its mismanagement, we are now enduring serious economic stress. What can we do? For starters, as a financial planning practitioner, Simpson uses her almost 30 years of experience to offer strategies to help other professionals not only maintain their existing clientele, but to add new clients to their book of business. Secondly, she offers hope and optimism that one financial crisis will not cripple a family with a proper financial plan in place!

Bruised but not Broken

Moving From Tragedy to Triumph, From Victim to Living victoriously

Moving from Tragedy to Triumph, From Victim to Living Victoriously I never thought it could happen to me! How do I overcome the pain of being sexually assaulted, physically abused or stalked? How do I survive and thrive? Dr. Simpson shares a passionate and inspiring message that addresses how to overcome feelings of doubt, despair, and lack of confidence. Raised in a poverty-stricken area of New Jersey, sexually violated for seven years and a World Trade Center Survivor, Dr. Simpson has experienced tragic situations on many levels. She will guide attendees how to both identify and manage triggers, she offers coping mechanisms and strategies to ease immediate anxiety and stress helping others to push past the pain and walk into their destiny. This workshop is designed specifically for women, but men are welcome to attend.

The 21st Century: An Evolving Generation of Emotional, Economic and Societal Trauma

How to Survive During the Most Trying Times in America
Meet Dr. Nicole B. Simpson, CFP®, an African American woman who endured significant physical, emotional and economic trauma throughout her childhood and as a result of being on the 44th floor of 2 World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Dr. Simpson takes you on a journey addressing how the trauma of America has impacted families and what are the underlying financial ramifications. She helps you to explore methods to cope with what is uncontrollable and plan for the unanticipated. Acknowledging trauma is step one to recovery. However, to dismiss its economic impact creates untimely, vulnerabilities that can be managed to help a business, a family, an individual recover during, arguably, the most uncertain century the country has ever encountered. The anticipation of the 21st Century awakened significant social anxiety and lack of control for America, a country rapidly embracing great dependency upon the world of technology. Y2K placed many corporations on edge concerned that the turning of the century could present significant challenges. Then came September 11th, 2001, where the financial mecca was attacked and lives were lost, placing into question the strength and resolve of the country. Several years later, the worst global financial crisis materialized in 2007-2008. America has endured great hardship. Simultaneously, civil unease began to rear its ugly head with the historic election of the first African American President of the United States. Then Covid-19 hit us all and we have been faced with a reckoning in America; emotionally, economically and socially.

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