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Out of the Woods is a riveting duet autobiography of two women with two very unique stories of overcoming tragedy, trauma and insurmountable odds to ultimately living lives full of triumph and victory. Raised in Jersey City, New Jersey these two sisters emerged from the Curries Woods housing projects to become a collective force of women united, and shattering the glass ceilings of Wall Street and beyond. With extensive backgrounds in the financial securities, investments and insurance industries, they have both emerged as titans earning Top 100 status and numerous awards, accolades and international recognition throughout their thirty-year careers. Their commitment to educating underserved communities and disenfranchised people in the areas of wealth accumulation and asset protection, are the cornerstones of what their careers stand on. This memoir is a dual masterclass on what strategy, consistency, faith and a committed village can produce. Their candid, honest and transparent recollections of their journeys give an up close and personal look at what it takes to become a formidable player in the world against all odds.

Out of the Woods

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